Najman was angry.  He’s never been hit like that before – o2

There is a lot to be said about Marcin Najman, but he is undoubtedly making the most of his career. Currently, despite numerous defeats, he is one of the most popular fighters in Poland and has a huge influence on the country’s exotic fighting scene. However, not everyone is able to respect his position. An example of this egregious behavior was Adrian Cios on “Roast” before Clout MMA 5.

There was a lot going on during one of the last shows before Clout MMA 2. The main role was played, of course, by Marcin Najman, who is the leading figure in this organization. What’s more, he intends to have two fights during Saturday’s event: first with Piotr “Lezak” Lizakowski, and then with Adrian Seuss. The former is a very good fighter in exotic fights, but is over 40kg lighter. The second is one of those few fighters who looks worse in the cage than the fighter from Czestochowa.

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Although the conversations between Najman and Lizakowski were very civil, the confrontation between Najman and Seuss was completely different. Amadeus “Ferrari” Roslik’s friend was constantly provoking the older player. “El Testosteron” also played these games, remained in debt and threw… tangerines at his rival.

Throwing around Mandarin and making a lot of insults is definitely behavior that should not be tolerated. However, what Adrian Cios did certainly surpassed everything. While he was looking face to face with Marcin Najman, he unexpectedly hit him with all his might. This hit not only angered “El Testosterone”, but also shocked everyone present in the studio.

It seems that Marcin Najman’s two fights in one evening were just a marketing ploy. However, as time passed, it became clear that this would be a matter of honor. The warrior from Czestochowa was angry with Adrian Cios and would definitely want to fight this duel. Fans of exotic battles can only wait for more developments. The Clout MMA 2 event will take place on Saturday, October 28th. In addition to the show by two stars, you will be able to see the work of, among others: Denis Zalecki, Denis Labriga and Albert Sosnowski.

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