Richard Gere homeless on the streets of New York!  Someone helped him?

This is a true story. Some time ago, Richard Gere took to the streets of New York, pretending to be homeless. The actor spent an entire day searching through trash cans for food and talking to real homeless people. People pass by indifferently, reluctantly reaching for their wallets, not caring because he was on the street.

The actor was accompanied all the time by a film crew, recording his conversations with the people he met and with the homeless. Of course, no one recognized him. After the experiment, Richard Gere posted an influential post on his Facebook profile.

Gere admitted that after the experiment ended, he returned to the street, where he pretended to be homeless and gave everyone in need something to eat and handed over $100.

The actor “played” a homeless person for the first time. While preparing for his role in Oren Moverman’s “Out of Time,” the actor pretended to be a homeless man on the streets of New York, and the film’s hidden camera was the reaction of people passing by.

At that time, no one recognized the Hollywood star. In less than an hour, the actor collected only $2, 50 cents and some food. He also met with aggression.

Richard Gere has been doing charity work for years, and not just for the homeless. He repeatedly appealed to politicians to support – primarily systematically – people in crisis.

For many years, the actor was a member of the organization “New York Homeless Alliance” that helps the homeless. In 1991 he founded the “Gear Foundation”, which deals with humanitarian affairs. He is also the founder of Tibet House – an organization working in Tibet.

He is also involved in the work of the human rights organization Survival International, which helps ethnic groups and tribes from almost all over the world fight for their lands and the right to live freely.

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