Elegant Joanna Obozda dazzles in a satin dress at the premiere of 'Brilliant Brigitte Bardot' (photos)

It seems that Joanna Obozda And the Antik Krulikowski In the end, they abandoned the public washing of the soiled clothes the Pudelkowicz family had been treating in recent months. Recently, the actress only allowed herself to make a routine comment about the star’s statement that the decision to marry her was “Too hasty.”

While Antek takes a longer break from going out to the salons, event calendar Ewasya It’s bursting at the seams lately. A week ago, the star starred at the Fashion Night Party dressed up Black dress with an original “Cat” collarline.

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On Tuesday, the 34-year-old once again had a fantastic opportunity to dress up on the red carpet. It was the premiere of the film “The Brilliant Brigitte Bardot”, in which the mother of little Vincent starred. Also this time, Opozda decided to wear an elegant black dress: The dress consisted of a corset with a wide slit and a floor-length hem. Silver jewelry and a black clutch bag played the role of accessories. The bright blond hair of the celebrity was combed to the sides, and her lips were “moistened” with lip gloss.

Can other celebrities learn from her when it comes to style?

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