Revolution for drivers from 1 December.  No more standing at the gates

Thanks to the integration with e-TOLL, Autopay enables drivers of heavy vehicles to pay tolls on state roads. Since then, work has continued to make the solution available to light fleets and individual customers. The operation was successfully completed in mid-November.

e-TOLL is the successor to viaTOLL’s toll collection system. The aim of the new system is to improve the passage of selected road sections by eliminating the need to pay tolls at gates and popularizing electronic tolls on highways.

According to the plan, from December 1, 2021, all toll gates on the state highways A2 Konin – ódź and A4 Wrocław – Gliwice will open, which means that it will not be possible to pay tolls at toll stations. This means that passenger car, motorcycle and bus drivers will pay for their ride using the e-TOLL app, either by purchasing a motorway ticket in advance or using the Autopay app directly.

If you want to use Autopay in the state sections of the A2 and A4 highways, you must first register with the Autopay system. It only takes a few minutes. After downloading the Autopay application, create your account, providing: email address, phone number, vehicle data (make, registration number) and payment source (credit or debit card). The application should also activate sections of the highway for which tolls may be charged automatically.

Automatic payment on state highways is based on the so-called geofence – the vehicle’s location is checked on a point-by-point basis only on the phone, without transmitting location data to the automatic payment system. Auto Pay gets the information from the phone only when you go through the entry and exit points of the fee section. Video surveillance operates on a similar principle, payments are collected on the licensed sections of the A1 and A4 motorways. Autopay does not save location data anywhere, and the information is only used to purchase a highway ticket.

When the vehicle approaches the gates, Autopay sends a push message telling us that a ticket will be purchased in a moment. After receiving it, the customer has 3 minutes to cancel the transaction, after which Autopay assumes that the driver has decided to travel. Payment for the section of the motorway transferred is automatically collected from the card after the end of the trip.

Most importantly, when using Autopay, you just need to launch the app (it can run in the background, but must be running). There is no need to press the start and stop button for the trip (because it works in the e-TOLL app).

– The process of buying a highway ticket in Autopay is very easy and convenient. You do not need to know the names of the hubs or the exact date of your trip to buy a ticket in advance. This gives you complete travel flexibility. When you approach the designated toll section on the highway, the Autopay system will automatically purchase a ticket. The driver does not have to do anything, and after the trip is completed, the appropriate fee will be charged – explains Robert Mikko, product manager at Autopay Mobility.

Most importantly, Autopay can also be used by drivers from other countries and by drivers using vehicles with foreign registration numbers.

At the end of November, Autopay will also make it possible to pre-purchase a motorway ticket on the website

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Autopay is a system of express payments, thanks to which, from 2019, drivers can automatically, without stopping at the gates, pay for trips on the AmberOne A1 (Toruń-Gdańsk) and A4 Katowice-Kraków highways. Thus, Autopay is the most comprehensive solution that enables convenient payment of state and licensed highway departments in Poland.

“Our goal from the start has been to make Autopay a fully comprehensive system that enables passenger car and truck drivers, and fully automatic payments for all sections of toll roads in Poland, whether licensed or state-owned,” says Bartłomiej Gast, a member of the Autopay Mobility group of directors. “We are very proud of achieving this goal,” Gast adds.

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