June 5, 2023


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picnic. Biedronka extends opening hours for stores just before it

For many years, Poles have associated the long weekend in May mainly with barbecue, although this year it can surprise us a lot because of, for example, high coal prices. However, for many, this is a symbolic opening of the summer season. However, what if we just remembered about supplies for the weekend in May during the Weekend? We will still have a chance to complete it.

Biedronka extends store hours prior to May

Biedronka was one of the first retail chains to announce it was extending store hours ahead of the May weekend. On Saturday 29th April More than 3.3 thousand of the company’s stores will accept customers from 6.00 to 23.00.

There will also be an opportunity to shop on the last day of the week this coming weekend. All because next Sunday will be a trading day. And here’s why Almost 3,000 today. Grid Points will be unlocked at least until 23. Information about the specific stores that will be opened can be found on the Biedronka website in the “Shops” tab.

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We are extending the opening hours of our stores prior to the month of May to increase the convenience of shopping for our customers. At this time, many people are planning larger shopping operations related to the long weekend, and many Poles are also going on a trip, and this decision will bring them more convenience, – said Pawje Stolecki, COO of the Pederonka chain, in a press release.

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