"We're like a mob of murmurers!"

It was written in the sky. A French woman, Valérie Lemercier, catches up with our Celine Diane to tell the story of Alin, who looks just like her in a movie.

It did not take long for members of Dion’s siblings to cry out for fraud and betrayal.

In 2008, I went on a nine-month world tour with Celine Dion. The Dion-Angel couple gave me Carde Blanche because I wanted to write an article about our national event. Creative title published by Éditions XO in Paris The mysterious Celine Dion. So I lived in the heart of the little Dion clan that is all over the world.

So I understand that Valérie Lemercier fell in love with our national cell. She really has an admiration for him and it is on the verge of idolatry.

The filmmaker was probably unaware of the Cubes’ close relationship with Celine. Like the Dion family, they get Celine, whom they believe belongs to them. The singer became as natural wealth as electricity and illuminated our collective life.

French view

Valérie Lemercier is of French descent. She is a French woman, open to others, unpretentious, and anti-“cursed French woman”. This week, however, the director took her for a cool. Cladet and Michael Dion accuse each other of making the worst mistakes because they will no doubt find their “real” family on screen.

However, on the other hand the film, which was praised by Quebec critics, is a fantasy and loving re-creation of our diva.

It’s also a tribute to our cultural heritage. This is why the misunderstanding created around the film primarily targets Valérie Lemercier.

A columnist woke up this week To He also tried to withdraw the case. ” […] Disappointment of the Dianes before the bad movie […] This is as true as many indigenous peoples are tormented by the constant caricatures of their culture.

Valérie Lemercier would therefore be a pure product of French cultural colonialism. In other words, Celine Dion should only be the subject of a film directed by Quebec directors, the only film capable of grasping the essence of Canadian-French culture! The awakening ideology goes so far.

The buzz echoed in France and in all media. Contrary to many people’s beliefs, this is not a story.


Celine Dion has achieved what no other cubes or francophone can do. She conquered the entire planet with her talent and the help of her manager and husband Rene Angelil. Thanks to his love for her, he elevated her to the pinnacle of fame.

It is normal for a French woman to resurrect her in the role of a fictional Aline. There are still connections between the French and the Cubes.

I spent two years documenting and writing independently The mysterious Celine Dion. In the current turmoil, I notice that the singer is quiet. Her shadow hovers over the hubbub about her. Celine Dion – this is my decision again – is impenetrable. It lives up to its myth.

As Madame de Stale wrote, “Glory is the dazzling sorrow of joy.” In her mystery, in her loneliness, Celine is the only master of her destiny. Valérie Lemercier understood this because his film was all about emotion, humor and dull pain.

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