Laura Fabian suffered from harsh comments about her physique in her early days

Laura Fabian didn't let herself get defeated despite harsh, harsh criticism early in her career.

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The 54-year-old singer returned to the show on Sunday What an era! About horrible comments made “in front of them,” especially about her physique, while she was still trying to break into music. The host of the show, Léa Salamé, quoted some of them: “You sing well; You will not get there; We don't need a Mireille Mathieu; Anyway, she's fat; When you're ugly, don't do this job.

However, the Belgian-Canadian singer apparently didn't mince her words on the tube. I still believe, He said that he turned this criticism in his favour. “All these obstacles, all these disabilities declared by others, have been my greatest teachers, my best lessons, in the end,” he declared. “It was extraordinary to see how resilient I was.”

According to her, faced with this profession that “chose her”, Laura Fabian had to rely on courage rather than her talent to advance. “Courage is more important than talent. In the end, that was the most poorly wrapped gift of my life and it put me to the test,” she admits. Among other things, he thanked his detractors for allowing him to “measure what is truly to be loved.”

Laura Fabian saw her career take off in 1997 after the release of her album pure, Especially thanks to the success of the blockbusters i love you And All. He later released ten other albums, became known internationally in several languages ​​and participated in music television shows Bastards And the voice TF1 and in Quebec.

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