Unexpected move by PGE on tariffs.  Basic information for electricity consumers

On July 11, ERO spokeswoman Agnieszka Głośniewska PAP informed that Three of the four Electricity Bureau vendors have submitted requests to the head of the Energy Regulatory Office to change the current tariff for selling to home consumers this year.. The ex-officio sellers that the Energy Regulatory Office agrees to sell to households are: Enea, Energa Obrót, Tauron Sprzedaż and PGE Obrót.

See also: Head of the Energy Regulatory Office warns of high electricity prices. ‘Above rationality’ margins for energy producers

We will not submit (…) requests to increase energy prices this year, until all our customers are assured. They will pay for energy as before“- Dąbrowski said on Monday on Polish Radio 1.

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