Residents of Orzysz about American soldiers.  What are American forces doing?

— Orzis has been associated with the army for 150 years, says the city's mayor, Zbigniew Volodkowski. “Thanks to the soldiers, we have tourists all year round in Orzesz,” he adds.

According to the mayor of Orzysz, the tourist season in nearby Mikołajki ends in mid-August. – Our restaurants do not close all year round because American and other NATO soldiers appear there, explains the mayor.

Americans in Orzesz. A restaurant instead of a shoe store

The Americans are stationed in nearby Bemowo Piskie. Unfortunately, they appear in the city less often due to the cumbersome renovation of the intercity road. As an example of the soldiers' influence on the city, the mayor mentions the Dollar Restaurant, which they frequent in large numbers. Previously, the owner of Dollara had a shoe store here.

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