Germany: Iraqis smuggle their compatriots through Belarus

“There was a significant increase in the number of unauthorized entry into Germany of immigrants who first traveled legally to Belarus, and from there, with the help of smugglers, through Poland into the country” – wrote “Die Welt” on Sunday

On Thursday, a security newspaper reported, the Federal Police was to arrest three people suspected of smuggling. We read in the Sunday edition of Die Welt “It’s about Iraqis living in Germany, who were supposed to help their fellow countrymen enter the country illegally by car.”

The newspaper stated that “the Federal Police arrested 85 illegal immigrants on the border with Poland, including 46 Iraqis, and 23 people who do not have a clear nationality, as well as Syrians, Turks and Iranians.” In the case of 33 people, it was established that they had traveled from Turkey through Belarus and Poland; “Appropriate entry stamps or entry visas issued by the Turkish and Belarusian authorities have been found.”

“This week, the Federal Police intensified its search activities in the Polish-German border area,” the newspaper reported.

Felt recalls that in early September “two Afghans residing in Germany were arrested and reported to be alleged smugglers to their compatriots. They escorted ten Afghans evacuated from Kabul to Italy on a bus to northern Germany. According to the Federal Police Inspectorate in Rosenheim, the people were The evacuees had already applied for asylum in Italy but I didn’t want to stay there.”

The newspaper notes that “while the unauthorized migration (…) of asylum seekers from Italy to Germany has been strong for many years, the route between Belarus and Poland is a new phenomenon.” In retaliation for new EU sanctions, the Belarusian regime of Alexander Lukashenka allowed Iraqis and other migrants to travel to the country’s borders with Lithuania, Latvia and Poland in the summer.

“Since the beginning of September, the Polish border guards have recorded more than 3,200 attempts to cross the border illegally on the border with Belarus. Only on Thursday 238 such attempts were made, a spokeswoman for the border guards told PAP” – recalls” Die Welt “in Sunday edition of “Die Welt”.

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