Ukraine and Russia war.  Ukrainian authorities on deserters from the Russian army: some Russian forces refuse to take part in the fighting

The Russian offensive in Ukraine continues on the 28th day. Sumy region authorities reported absconding cases. – The head of the regional administration, Dmytro Shweike, said that some units simply return and refuse to take part in the fighting.

On Tuesday, the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine reported on Facebook that there had already been a mass escape of Russians in the Ohrid region of Sumy Oblast. “About 300 occupiers refused to obey orders. The soldiers left the area of ​​the military operation with 70 equipment units,” the Ukrainian military said in a statement.

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Head of the Sumy Oblast Administration: Soldiers do not want to fight against Ukraine

On Wednesday, the head of the Sumy Oblast military administration, Dmytro Zwiecki, said that some units of the Russian forces are simply retreating and withdrawing, refusing to take part in the fighting. – He said: We have already noticed the second case of the organized flight of Russians into our region. report: Russia’s attack on Ukraine. The twenty-eighth day of the invasion

The representative of the local authorities, citing the UNIAN news agency, also noted the mood in the Russian army. “During the conversation with the Russian commander, it turned out that neither he nor his soldiers had any desire to fight against Ukraine,” Deewiki said.

Russian Army, Rostov, Russia (22/02/2022)Yuri Kochetkov / Environmental Protection Agency / PAP

Ukrainian crew about the situation at the front

Wednesday’s summary of the operational situation of the Ukrainian command shows that over the past 24 hours there have been no active hostilities in the Volyn direction. In the direction of Polisia, Russian troops are strengthening their positions and regrouping after the losses incurred.

“In Siewierszczyzna (in the north of Ukraine – ed.), in connection with the unsuccessful attempt to disrupt Chernihiv, the enemy is trying to compensate for significant losses and organize logistical support for its units. Message.

The twenty-eighth day of Russia's aggression against Ukraine.  Skrzypczak . general analysis

The twenty-eighth day of Russia’s aggression against Ukraine. Skrzypczak . general analysisTVN24

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The Center for Oriental Studies, in its daily analysis of the military situation in Ukraine, reported on Tuesday According to the Ukrainian side, the Russian forces have lost their offensive potential And continue to form reserves and transfer them to the borders of Ukraine, and conduct clandestine mobilization in Russia. As it was added, chaotic recruitment is also taking place in the occupied part of the Ukrainian Luhansk Territory. OSW also reported that some Russian soldiers refused to obey orders and there were reports of desertions among the Russians.

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Main image source: Yuri Kochetkov / Environmental Protection Agency / PAP

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