Thrones in the trailer.  Players praise the project and are waiting for the demo

“It's almost like a new entry in the series.” – This type of comment appears within the latest material from Dark Souls: Archthrones. An ambitious mod expanding Dark Souls 3 has been presented in material preparing recipients for the beta.

We can't count on a new installment in the Dark Souls series in 2024, but From Software's fan community doesn't disappoint, and Dark Souls: Archthrones is proof of that. A large-scale modification will soon be on the market.

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Dark Souls: Archthrones is not a simple update of the game by an experienced Japanese studio. The authors have prepared five completely new worlds based largely on the Lothric project, and during the game we will encounter bosses that were previously unavailable in the game and find new allies.

Players will be treated to large-scale and complete quests, a new story, improved or previously unavailable levels, and graphic improvements – the creators focused, among other things, on improving the quality of lighting.

On Friday, March 15, the creators of Dark Souls: Archthrones will be giving a demothanks to which players will be able to check out part of the production, and the full content will be available to recipients in 2024. Check out the latest trailer announcing a lot of attractions.

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