June 9, 2023


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Reselling in FEQ: He makes over $7,000 in 11 days

The Festival d’été de Québec sold out within two hours of announcing its 55th full lineup.e Correction. Some will pay astronomical sums to get tickets, while others will fill their pockets. This is the case with resellers.

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It was also discussed on the microphone of Sophie Durocher via QUB Radio. It is a fast growing phenomenon. Despite many measures to avoid bulk purchases, individuals still manage to get their hands on more than a dozen passes. The intention is obviously to resell them or rent them out at a higher price than the sale price. This is what Matthew* does.

“I’m not interested Pinball At double the price. I want to be patient, rent, and get four times the price,” he explained.

During FEQ 2023’s Desjardins presale on Tuesday, Mathieu was able to purchase eleven general admission wristbands for the entire event. It cost him $129 a piece. He joined others to complete his inventory. The next day, three more tickets were purchased for $140. So he has a total of 14 cards in his possession. He admitted that he wanted to buy four more, but he couldn’t.

“Even I was robbed yesterday. Usually, I can buy the program the day after it is released, but within two hours, everything is sold,” he testified.

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Fourteen passes bought at 1839 cost about $7356, including taxes, so a potential profit of over $5500. All that in just 11 days!

*Identity has been withheld to maintain confidentiality.