The summer festival is over

The 125,000 regular passes for the Festival d’été de Québec, which went on sale on April 6, found buyers 75 days before the event’s start. For the first time since 2017.

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“We did not expect it. To say otherwise would be a big lie. It gives us energy. It is not easy to restart the machine after two years of infection,” said Director General Anne Hooden.

In 2017, all passes were sold out three days before the version launch. In 2012, FEQ sold out during the event. 2022 is a record for quick sales.

The public in need

The system received the first signal for the success of its next version during the Desjardins pre-sale. The passes available in 1 hour 9 minutes are gone.

“Two years after the epidemic we had some doubts. The answer was very good. We received a second signal with strong sales on the first day of the official sale, ”Ms Hooden said.

“People have run away without performances and live art. This is what illustrates this excitement. We feel it at Imperial Bell shows, they are doing so well. We feel a return to normalcy. It’s positive,” the director general said.

Ms. Hooden, for comfort reasons, confirms that there will be no additional passes on sale.

On April 25, gold and silver Avant-garde Zone and Bell Signature Zone cards will be available for sale on April 25.

Anne Hooden notes that the new Le Jordinian zone, set up on the plains, will allow 300 people to purchase a personal electronic ticket each evening and access other levels by public permit.

These tickets will go on sale on the afternoon of April 25th.

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