Kobieta, która najpierw przeszła proces tranzycji, a potem detranzycji

The Detransition Diaries is a documentary that tells the stories of three young women who are convinced that their traumatic experiences and suspected discomfort (also known as gender incompatibility) will be “fixed” by a medical attempt to “sex change” into a man.

Medical professionals, therapists, counselors, and even school officials asserted that they were “transgender,” but it wasn’t until after they began following a hopeful path that they each realized they had made a bad decision.

In “The Detransition Diaries” you’ll meet Helena, Kat and Grace who come from all walks of life but have similar problems. Not wanting to live in this world as women, they all started a medical transformation by taking testosterone, and one of them even went so far as to have a double mastectomy. Each of them changed their name, poetry, and pronouns, thinking that this would help them and rid them of coercion and suicidal thoughts. It turned out that they were very wrong.

social plague

This film focuses on the growing number of girls and women who are deciding to move. Statistics show that between 2016 and 2017, the rate of sexual surgery among women and girls quadrupled in the United States and continues to rise. This is partly due to the reality of this new social scourge.

You’ll hear Kelly Jay Keane, British women’s rights activist Libby Emmons, senior editor of The Post Millennial, who has written extensively on the transgender debate, and consultant Natasha Chart, who now, as an autistic girl, works to protect autistic children before Convince them that they may be “born in an evil body”.

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