Used cars from Poland land in Ukraine.  Over the whole of 2021, more were exported in three months.

in April Ukraine Temporarily abolished the law imposing the obligation to pay import duties, production fees, and taxes value added tax When importing used cars to the state. This particular law is related to the war going on there, which led to the destruction of many vehicles. new The law allows you to drive the market and replace the shortage of cars.

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Łukasz Kiysk’s conversation with Anton Heraszczenko – Adviser to the Ministry of the Interior of Ukraine

Poland exported more used cars in the quarter than in all of 2021

“As a result of a temporary suspension by Parliament.” Ukraine Import duties and taxes cars Used, in the second quarter of 2022, 110 thousand. of these compounds, that is, up to the whole of 2021 ”- we read in Report National Bank polishing. “Auto-Świat” magazine Quoting the Automotive Market Research Institute of Ukraine, it adds that up to 37.2 percent. Cars imported into Ukraine come from Poland.

with conclusions NBP Analysts argue pico. “It seems to us that it is not only as a result of the suspension of duties and taxes” – they wrote on Twitter, adding that it is also about what is going on in Ukraine war.

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Poland. We haven’t moved many cars for a long time

NBP Rather, it indicates that after three consecutive quarters of decline, transport exports are on the rise again. However, he emphasizes that this is mainly due to the increase in exports of used cars to Ukraine. According to the report of the Automotive Market Research Institute of Ukraine, the most popular was the Volkswagen Passat.

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