Remember Lind from Sexmission?  Hana Miko is 67 years old and still a delight on screen

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Hana Miko grew up with an artistic life Homepage. Wanda Chwiałkowska and Bohdan Mikuć have been associated with the stage for years. Growing up, she often watched her parents work, but at first she didn’t dream of following in their footsteps. At that time, her goal was to become a zoologist or painter. Everything changed in high school when I started recording poetry. A year later, she had already applied to a theater school, but her parents The actors were not happy at all choosing her daughter. All because they were aware of the consequences of this profession.

Janachowska wears a 24-karat gold bikini. It was expensive

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Do you remember Lieutenant Borich going for vodka? Bronisław Cieślak plays this scene 40 years later

How did Hana Miko’s career develop? The actress devoted herself to family life

At first, viewers can admire the first steps of the actress on the stage of the Ateneum Theater, Rozmaitości or Dramatyczny Theater. In 1973, she made her film debut in ‘Hubalu’. Later, she also appeared in such productions as: “Pensja Pani Latter”, “Uninteresting Story”, “Widziadło”, “Women in a hat Guardian role Lindy in “Seksmisja”, directed by Julius Macholsky brought her the greatest popularity. For many actors, being involved in the production of this movie was a real stepping stone to success. Hana Miko later starred in several films. At some point, the actress disappeared from show business and decided to devote herself to the family. Since then, she has appeared in films sporadically.

Hana Miku’s Private Life. family comes first

The actress devoted herself to family life and became a full-time employee after the birth of her second child I own. Hana Mikko and Piotr Sopoczynski, one of the best cinematographers in Polish cinema, had three children. for photosthree Colors. Red “was nominated for an Oscar. The actress, proud of the success of her lover, put her career above her profession. The whole family moved to the United States for a while. When they planned to return to Poland, Sobociński died of a heart attack. She left in 2001, at the age of 43 Only after returning to her home country, Mikuć accepted the role in “M jak miłość” and tried to find herself in the new reality.

The children of the actress are her pride. Piotr and Michai followed in their father’s footsteps and became respected operators. Daughter Maria graduated from the acting department of the Theater Academy. Aleksandra Zelwerowicz in Warsaw and became an actress.

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