Reforming the retirement system in France and a vote of no confidence in the government.  Protests in Paris and other cities

Protests continue after the reform that raised the retirement age in France. In addition, the atmosphere was heated by a vote of no confidence in the government. In Paris, protesters clashed with police, who used tear gas. The demonstrators, in turn, set fire to piles of rubbish in the streets after a series of previous strikes. More than 170 people have been arrested.

On Monday, France adopted a socially controversial pension reform. Earlier, the National Assembly (lower house) rejected two motions of no confidence in the government with a narrow vote margin.

Protests in Paris

The French again took to the streets. This time, in some of the most prestigious districts of Paris, demonstrators set fire to piles of rubbish left there after previous strikes.

Clashes took place with the police, who used tear gas. More than 170 people have been arrested in Paris.

The demonstrators and the opposition announced that they would intensify the protests to force a retraction of the pension reform

Pension reform in France

Government Pension reform The main goal is to raise the retirement age from 62 to 64.

Government of Prime Minister Elizabeth Bourne I decided to do it with Art. 49.3 of the Constitution, which made it possible to bypass it in the legislative process vote in the National AssemblyThe lower house of the French Parliament.

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