Then you will know that you have an error with your phone.  This is how you turn it off
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Have you noticed that your phone is behaving strangely, for example starting or closing some apps on its own? You likely have a wiretap on your phone.

Nowadays, more and more people are using functional smartphones. But there is nothing to hide – it is much easier to install a bug in them than in older types of cells. This is why a lot of people in the business world use old Nokia phones. It’s much easier to sneak into newer phones. There is no need to manually install a bug – all you have to do is download a suspicious file to your phone.

There are some details that may indicate that someone is spying on you. Usually the first alarming sign is the phone turning off and on involuntarily. You can also see that at some point the application will start or close itself unexpectedly.

A rapid drop in battery level is another alarming clue — although the reasons for this can vary. Maybe you just installed some power-hungry apps? However, if nothing like this has happened recently, and the battery is draining faster, then you have cause for concern. Another problem is that it is not uncommon for our mobile phone producers or well-known “apps” to eavesdrop on us.

Some have definitely encountered such a situation, for example, they were talking to someone about ordering a pizza, and right after the website was launched, an advertisement for a local pizzeria popped up on their phone. Fighting this kind of phenomenon is not easy. Then you should consider buying a more expensive phone, which is updated by professional hackers and security experts.

How to check if there is something wrong with the phone?

Unfortunately, to this day no effective method has been invented that would allow you to determine whether you have a telephone connection or not. Each device works in a slightly different way. The following codes may come in handy: “* # 62 #” and “* # 21 #” – thanks to them you can check the status of call forwarding. It is also worth carefully reviewing the list of phone administrators. There are programs with admin rights. Maybe there is an app in the list that you haven’t installed yourself? If so, check in a web browser for the type of application. You can also check this app’s permissions – maybe it can access your microphone, location or camera? If so, you can block its access at any time.

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