June 9, 2023


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realme Master Explorer version is the trash of history

One is a sales hit in Poland, the other is one of the best flagships of 2022. Both have a common denominator. The realme Master Explorer Edition series no longer exists today. What can her fans expect in the near future?

The crisis follows everyone. Even realme, one of the largest smartphone manufacturers in the world, limits the range of smartphones. Usually, a simplified naming is likely to be positive for the user. Unfortunately, this time it comes with the best of them. We will surely miss such realme.

realme Master Explorer Edition moves to the dustbin of history

realme Master Explorer Edition has only two models within its range. realme GT2 Master Explorer Edition It is less prestigious, but more luxurious. The predecessor – realme GT Master Edition – is well known to every promotion hunter. Without embarrassment, it can be called one of the most profitable averages in the past five years. Unusual design, fast charging, good battery and great screen are just some of its advantages.

realme GT2 Master Explorer Edition / Manufacturer’s photo

If you’ve been waiting for the new realme GT3 Master Explorer Edition smartphone (if that’s what it’s called), then unfortunately I don’t have good news. One of realme’s bosses made it very clear that the series would go to the trash. At the same time, he noted that his fans can wait for a new family/device that will eventually replace the Master Explorer. Is there something you regret?

In my opinion, sure. Realme GT 2 and realme GT 2 Pro were both cost-effective and affordable smartphones, but Master Explorer was the ‘real flagship’. The best camera ever in their phones, great battery, fast charging and beautiful design have all attracted attention. I really didn’t expect realme to give it up

For fans of powerful smartphones, there is good news from Korea. The Samsung Galaxy S24 matches Chinese manufacturers in at least one area. It is a pity that, unfortunately, it is still not a matter of loading speed.


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