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On Friday, PC gamers will have the opportunity to improve their comfort and gameplay. Media Expert has prepared very attractive promotions for them that it is really worth considering buying new and better equipment to support your favorite hobby.

What does a racist player need? First of all, there are two things – a computer to play and, of course, the games themselves. However, this is just the bare minimum of existence. Experienced gamers know that appropriately selected devices, such as headphones or keyboards, are also responsible for reception and comfort during the game. They are not all the same and they do not all guarantee the same level of fun. Certainly, not all of them support games in the same way and allow you to achieve better results. If you want to play better, you need to invest in good equipment. Fortunately, now, on the occasion of “Black Friday”, such an investment will be less painful for the wallet.

Crazy no room for a headshot!

You don’t have to be a fan of Counter-Strike to know that reflexively hitting an opponent without aiming is cause for celebration. Sometimes it’s down to a little luck. Sometimes a great experience. It’s hard to say what we’re dealing with in this case, but the promotion that Media Expert on Black Friday put together is pretty cool LG 24MP60G-B Gaming Monitordefinitely qualifies as the shopping equivalent of the perfect picture.

24 inch HD screen. Most valued by IPS matrix players. 1ms response time, which is the best possible time. Excellent contrast, good brightness, vivid color palette. Additional features such as Dynamic Action Sync, Motion Blur Reduction, and Crosshair, which allow you to “cheat” a little and run crosshairs in the middle of the screen. No PC gamer would be ashamed of such a screen. And you can already get it 349 zlotys! usually cost 649 zlotysWhich is almost twice that. Buy it at this price it seems cheatExcept that it’s 100% legal. Media Expert really sells this equipment at an incredible price. Just this “Black Friday” and this Really for only 349 PLN.

Eight spokes, three hundred grams

We must not only watch the game, but also hear it. In the best of all possible worlds, we’d only hear it, not the rest of the family. Especially if he tends to complain that we’re playing again. A true gamer knows very well how valuable a good headset is. The media expert knows this, too. On the occasion of Black Friday, you can hunt down two great gaming headsets at very good prices in the store.

The first, available at half price exclusively on Black Friday, is Razer Kraken v3.0. This brand does not have to be presented to gamers – it is the guarantee of high quality. The Kraken V3 headset isn’t just about full surround sound thanks to its 7.1 speaker configuration. It’s also great sound, a high-quality microphone for team communication, and amazing comfort, which is provided by specially designed padding and ultra-light materials. Weighing less than 300g, these headphones are so light you’ll remember you’re wearing them! And the best part is that on Black Friday you can buy them Only PLN 129. On any other day, it would have cost more than twice that, PLN 269. Carelessly passing such an opportunity is, first of all, a sin.

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Unless we go in the direction of the proposal of the Polish company Mad Dog, which has already made itself known from a very good side. their headphones Mad Dog GH800W It is larger and heavier than its predecessor by over 100 grams, and high-quality neodymium drivers with a diaphragm with a diameter of 53 mm are responsible for 7.1-channel sound. This is unprecedented sound quality in a gamer’s headset. It will be available for purchase on Black Friday Only 169 zlotysAlthough it was very expensive before 299 PLN. It’s also an incredibly attractive opportunity.

Something for the fingers, something for the back

Both the aforementioned screen and both models of headphones will allow you to save a lot on Black Friday. And it would be a good idea to invest those savings in better toys. It’s time to buy a mechanical keyboard. And it happens Mad Dog GK900 It is also for sale. Its “blue” keys are ideal for games, and the cool backlighting of the keys will significantly increase the comfort of playing not only in the dark. The difference between playing on a mechanical keyboard and a classic membrane keyboard does not need to be explained. You just feel it. And see better results. And this Black Friday you can get it 139 zlotys! Just a few years ago, no one would have even dared to dream of such cheap mechanical boards.

A few years ago, hardly anyone would have looked lustfully at a gaming chair. Not just because of the price. Awareness of the importance of ergonomics and the need to maintain correct body posture while playing was also low. Not only to relieve the spine and protect against potential health problems. A relaxed back and shoulder position also translates to better results in multiplayer games thanks to less muscle fatigue and greater precision in movements. And on “Black Friday” you can buy a very good one at Media Expert Genesis nitro 440 gaming chair A hundred cheaper, that is 599 zlotys. It is worth considering if you do not exceed the recommended height of 160 to 195 cm and the recommended weight of 120 kg. Health is priceless, even for gamers.

Partner material: media expert

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