Rammstein was in Montreal, and the loud sound made Quebecers react (not just in Saint-Lambert).

On Sunday evening, legendary German group Rammstein was at 514 to perform their first concert in Quebec since 2017.

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Legends, of course Neue Deutsche Harte They don’t seem to be particularly sensible.

Photo by QMI Institute, Mario Beauregard

According to RTBF’s article, the group’s concert in Belgium was heard 17 kilometers away. Bu.

So we suspected that the power of sound was going to be there.

And there was sound. YES!

According to Radio-Canada, Rammstein was equipped to use two million watts of sound in front of 43,000 fans.

Mario Beauregard/QMI Agency

It’s more than just laptop speakers, let’s say. The program lasted for 2 hours and 15 minutes.

If we’re used to hearing Saint-Lambert’s snobs complain about the noise at home, this time around, people across the metropolitan area have reported hearing rock from their balconies. And from inside their house, all the windows were closed.

Here are some tweets that prove it:

However, others have corrected the situation by saying that we don’t hear it everywhere:

Thanks to them.


Because Bake of Chips swears by the rigors of its work, we didn’t stop our research on Twitter. We contacted the mother of one of our colleagues who has lived in Brossard on the South Shore of Montreal (Sainte-Lambert of the Poor) for almost 65 years. “Did you hear any music outside yesterday?”. “Yes, like permanent thunder,” she replied.

We think this is the best interpretation of Rammstein.

In short, sound traveled.

And one thing’s for sure, the audience clearly had their ears full.

Also in a bag of crisps:

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