This Thursday, June 27, Spain’s Letizia made a striking appearance in a cool and chic outfit that’s perfect for summer and easy to wear.

Spanish native Letizia is one of the best-dressed royalty in Europe. The wife of Prince Felipe VII has the art of stunning the public with original outfits. Indeed, with every appearance, Letizia from Spain confirms her status as a fashionista, whether she appears in the most chic coat of winter or when she mixes all the main fashion trends of spring-summer 2024 with a classy satin. Skirt. Just like Kate Middleton, Spain’s Letizia knows how to stand out with a style all her own.

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What’s really good about the Queen of Spain’s look is just that It is easy to breed while being affordable. A keen fashionista, Spanish native Leticia has passed her love of fashion on to her two daughters, Leonor and Sofia, aged 18 and 17 respectively. The two young ladies always look very chic when they appear with their parents.

A queen with a chic and approachable look

Letizia wears beautiful clothes on every official trip. Recently, Spain’s Letizia opted for a mango dress at the opening ceremony of an exhibition marking the anniversary of her husband’s 10-year reign. She had chosen a great blazer and pant set from the Mango collection and it didn’t go unnoticed!

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This highly fashionable mango model, priced at 190 euros, is the result of a collaboration between the brand and Victoria Beckham. She chose to wear matching pants and a pair of sleek and comfortable white sneakers, giving her look a sleek finish. A flawless one!

Rani’s summer outfit that created a sensation

This Thursday, June 27, Queen Letizia wore a perfect summer dress to welcome her husband, the president of the Motion Picture Association, at the Zarzuela Palace in Madrid. She chose to avoid suffering from the heat Adolfo Dominguez’s white shirt. She related it A long, loose pleated skirt with a beautiful watercolor print, a romantic color that softens the look (Eg Vilisol signed pass). The material, georgette crepe, is very soft and light, which is great for summer.

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As for the shoes, Queen Letizia chose to wear them Sandals Ely 1957Embellished with Swarovski crystals. A pair of vintage shoes that she first wore in 2011, it’s still as trendy as ever.

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