The war in Ukraine.  Americans do not tell the whole truth?  - O2

According to an anonymous source in the Pentagon “Politico”, the United States has secretly supplied Ukraine with high-speed HARM missiles for some time, Used to destroy enemy radar devices. An anonymous official reportedly relayed this information to the portal on Friday, August 19.

When we first announced the delivery of HARM missiles, we didn’t specify exactly how many missiles would be delivered. We described it in such a way that we provide anti-radar capabilities – the official said.

The war in Ukraine. US shipments are ‘not limited’

According to two Politico sources, the United States has included Excalibur precision-guided munitions in the new military aid package to Ukraine. At the same time, Washington did not officially announce this.

The portal learned about the notification sent by the US administration to Congress. It contains a list of weapons delivered to Ukraine as part of a recent military aid package. The document states that deliveries to Kyiv are “not limited” to what is on the lists.

However, the portal journalists admit that this information is not confirmed. No one from the US administration has confirmed or even suggested the existence of secret arms shipments to Ukraine. “Even if this were the case, it is unlikely that the US authorities would have informed us of this secret decision,” Politico writes.

The Americans support Ukraine in its war with Russia. 19 slices of military aid

A few days ago, the United States donated another $775 million to arm Ukraine. The new military assistance package will include HIMARS rocket launchers, 16 howitzers, 1,000 Javelin MANPADS, HARM missiles and other weapons.

Together with the latest packageSince August 2021, the US administration has provided Ukraine with 19 tranches of military aid worth over $10 billion.

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