Qutbi was martyred in the Gaza Strip.  New entry for the Israeli ambassador

Ambassador of Israel to Poland Jaco Lin Posted an entry on the site World Central Kitchen.

Qutb dies in Gaza. Yakov Lin is looking for connection with his family

“I have asked the governor for help Establish a connection With Mr. Damien's family. The ambassador added: “May he rest in peace.”

Prefecture spokesman Bartosz Gubernat confirmed to PAP that the conversation had taken place, and Teresa Kupas Hall announced assistance in establishing contact with the family of the deceased. He added that the Israeli ambassador “I want to provide any assistance to Mr. Damian's family.”

The day before, Przemysl's president Wojciech Bacon He wrote on Facebook: Yesterday, our colleague, a Przemysl resident, volunteer, and member of the World Central Kitchen team, was killed in a missile attack by Israeli forces on a humanitarian convoy transporting food in the Gaza Strip – Damian Sobol. There are no words to describe what the people who knew this wonderful boy are feeling at this moment… Rest in peace.

Controversial entry of the Israeli ambassador

This is a change in the tone of the Israeli ambassador to Poland compared to the intervention that appeared on the Internet the day before. He got angry when he said,Far right and left in Poland They attack Israel because of the killing of members of a relief organization in Gaza.” He pointed to statements by the Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives, Krzysztof Bosak, among others.

See: Martyrdom of volunteers in the Gaza Strip. Pope's call

Finally, the ambassador reached a conclusion. He concluded, “Ant-Semites will always remain anti-Semites, and Israel will remain a democratic Jewish state fighting for its right to exist. And also for the good of the entire Western world.”

The Polish government responds to the words of the Israeli ambassador. Announcement of the meeting

The Prime Minister responded to his entry donald tusk, Who confirmed that the ambassador's statement was incorrect because “the vast majority of Poles expressed their full solidarity with Israel after the Hamas attack.” He added that “They are putting this solidarity to a really tough test.”

Deputy Foreign Minister Andrej Segna addressed the Ambassador An invitation to a meeting on Friday at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. As he said, the conversation will concern, among other things, “the new situation in Polish-Israeli relations and the moral, political and financial responsibility for the recent event in the Gaza Strip.”

Cigna noted that he “will have more to say after the meeting.” – I would like to have a personal conversation with the AmbassadorNot to create political influence. I want to talk about what's next, in a tragic situation, he told PAP.

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