The Polish-Belarusian border.  Marcin Przydakz interview for CNN

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has published an excerpt from an interview conducted by the Vice President of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Twitter Marcin Presedach It aired on CNN Monday evening.

Przydacz said in that Migrants arriving at the Polish-Belarus border They are mainly from Iraq and partly from Afghanistan. As he explained, they come to Minsk, where they receive a Belarusian visa, accommodation in hotels, transport to the borders of the European Union and Alexander Lukashenka’s systemThey do all this legally.

– what’s worse, Migrants pay a lot of money for all this Belarusian system – confirmed Przydacz.

The Deputy Minister said: – For the first time in modern history, an authoritarian regime uses people as a tool to destabilize the borders of the European Union. He added that this was “a response and revenge” for the joint decision to punish the Lukashenka regime.

In its intervention on Twitter, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs confirmed that “all the people and entities involved in this matter are disgusting.” hybrid attack They should be punished immediately.”

In connection with the situation On the Polish-Belarusian border from Tuesday, from 7 am, cross-border traffic will be suspended at the road crossing at Kuźnica Białostocka, Both passengers and cargo – informed the border guards. This was said by the ensign of the border guard Mikhailovich Tokarchik of the press department of the border guard headquarters The crossing at Kuźnica will be closed until further notice.

And the media circulated the news on Monday morning About a large group of immigrants who plan to cross the Belarusian border with Poland. Currently, the emigrants are located near Konica, where they set up camp. They are guarded by the Belarusian services.

The Ministry of National Defense informed this afternoon that the Ministry of Interior, the Administration and the soldiers managed to stop the first collective attempt to cross the border.

fast since spring The number of attempts to illegally cross the Belarusian border with Lithuania, Latvia and Poland has increased by immigrants from the Middle East, Africa and other regions. The European Union and its member states believe this is the result of deliberate actions Alexander Lukashenka’s systemthat actively exploit migrants in response to sanctions.

Since the beginning of the year Border guards recorded more than 30,000. Attempts to cross the Polish-Belarusian border illegally. Recently, there have been attempts to forcibly enter the territory of Poland by foreigners assembled by the Belarusian services abroad, as well as provocations by these services.

As of September 2, due to immigration pressures in 183 regions of the Podlasie and Lublin province bordering with Belarus There is an emergency. The construction of a dam on the border with Belarus is scheduled for the first half of 2022.

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