Quiz about Mr. Click Academy.  Do you remember this amazing story?

Mr.Clicks Academy Both the series and the films are based on Jan Przechowa's fairy tales. In a magical world of magic and creatures, the story of an extraordinary school and an even more extraordinary professor who runs the academy is told. These are productions with an extensive plot, thanks to which we learn the stories of many characters. Not just the director Mr. Klix himself or the main character Adaś Niezgódka.

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Pana Clexa Academy Competition

The book, then the film and series, were very popular. The story, full of magic and music, quickly became one of the best films. Soon you will be able to remember this story, because the new adaptation will appear in Polish cinemas in January Mr.Clicks AcademyA: In the meantime, we ask you if you remember a story told many years ago? Check yourself Pana Clexa Academy Competition:

a test. Mr.Clicks Academy

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What is Mr. Clix's name?

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