Marvel superheroes are ready for action.  This is how “Marvel” is promoted (video)
Marvel has presented a new video promoting the heroes of the Marvels series, and the material, in addition to scenes from the new movie, includes parts of the Captain Marvel series, WandaVision series, and Ms. marvel”.

What do we know about the movie “Marvel”?

The official description of the plot “Marvels” confirms that The film will continue themes from not only “Captain Marvel,” but also from “WandaVision” and “Ms. Marvel.”

w “Marvels” Carol Danvers (Captain Marvel) reclaimed her identity from the tyrants of the Kree Empire and took revenge on the Supreme Intelligence. However, unexpected consequences throw the burden of an unstable universe upon themselves. Duty calls her to a space-time anomaly related to the Kree. Carol’s powers have been combined with those of Jersey City fan Kamala Khan (Ms. Marvel) and her long-lost niece, now the cyberpunk astronaut Captain Monica Rambeau. This mismatched trio will have to join forces to save the universe.

Kamala Khan (Iman Vilani) makes her first appearance in the series “Ms. Marvel”. Monica Rambeau first appeared in “Captain Marvel”But she was a girl there. The adult version of her is played by Teona Paris, who also stars in it “Wanda Vision”. The series showed how her character gained her powers.

Marvels will hit theaters in early November Exploiting a vulnerability created by Warner Bros. Dune: Part Two has been postponed to next year

Watch the “Road to Wonder” video.

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