Quentin Tarantino's actors in the new Uwe Boll movie
We recently reported that Uwe Boll is gearing up to produce another movie. Now we know its crew. This is absolutely amazing.

Who will star in Uwe Boll's film about African immigrants?

The project is titled “Being”. Paul is a director, screenwriter and producer. The film will be filmed on the Croatian island of Krk.

The cast included former actress Quentin Tarantino Amanda Plummer (“Pulp Fiction”) and James Russo (“Django”). he is too It has been nominated three times for European Film Awards Dane Ulrich Thomsen (“Festen”, “Brothers”).

The film follows the fate of a group of immigrants from various African countries who met on a boat sailing to Europe via the Mediterranean Sea. They want to reach Italy, but at sea they lose their bearings, leading to a conflict between smugglers and migrants. When they finally land on the mainland, they begin a desperate battle to survive and avoid the local police.

“Run” is supposed to tell several interwoven stories that take place over the course of a single day. We will see the migration crisis from the point of view of immigrants and Europeans. We will learn different attitudes and behaviors in situations of increased aggression.

Two Faces: Good and Bad Movies by Uwe Boll

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