In the Mountains of Madness adapted from Netflix?  Guillermo del Toro may return to the project after 15 years

Guillermo del Toro He is a well-known film director and producer, among others, animal maze if water shape. The artist has been working on a movie based on a famous work for years In the mountains of madness by H.P. Lovecraft, which is considered one of the writer’s most outstanding works. Over the years, the project has faced various obstacles. However, it seems that after 15 years the idea can finally be implemented.

Which is way more interesting than it was years ago.

In the mountains of madness Why wasn’t it adapted sooner?

Guillermo del Toro and Matthew Robbins wrote the production script in 2006. Warner Bros. However, she abandoned the project because the studio realized they weren’t interested in a faithful adaptation of Lovecraft’s work full of monsters and madness. Later, Universal Pictures acquired the rights to distribute the film, but their vision did not match the director’s idea. They wanted a PG-13 action packed movie, so Guillermo del Toro refused.

Will Guillermo del Toro Create a Netflix Production Based on Lovecraft’s Work?

in the podcast The Kingcast rThe director was asked if there was a chance, given his collaboration with Netflix, that he could return for an adaptation In the mountains of madness Lovecraft.

Well… Try to guess the first designs you showed me [śmiech]. I searched the drawers and found them Count of Monte Cristo I In the mountains of madness. These were some of the works I submitted first. regarding In the mountains of madnessThis script that I helped write 15 years ago is not the one I want to work with now. So I have to rewrite it. Not only to reduce the size, but also because in the past I tried to make items that would help him get into the studio machines.

What adaptation might be possible?

Guillermo del Toro admitted that he no longer had to try to fit in with the studio’s demands or make a massive adaptation. He has more creative freedom and can go into more exotic areas. He also described the prepared ending as one of the most intriguing and unsettling things he had in store.

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