Queen Elizabeth II is 96 years old

Queen Elizabeth II, the oldest king in the world, personally celebrated her 96th birthday on Thursday, with London celebrating her sovereignty with artillery and military bands playing “Birthday Greetings”.

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Now largely isolated from public life by nomadic problems, the sovereign, who passed the milestone of 70 years of rule in February, chose to celebrate the quiet anniversary of Sandringham Royal Estate, 200 kilometers north of London.

According to the press, she spends a few days on a relatively simple house in Wood Farm, loved by her husband Philip, who died last year at the age of 99.

Hundreds of people, however, gathered outside Windsor Castle (west London), where he usually lived. Dozens of artillery fire erupted at noon with a Goldstream Guards marching band, wearing red tunics and black bear leather hats, playing ‘Happy Birthday’, and another marching band, including Hyde Park.

For the event, Buckingham Palace released a photo taken last month, of two white Fell ponies wearing a dark green capeline coat, holding the reins in a race garden in the north of the UK.

Also on sale was a Barbie doll wearing an ivory dress, a large blue ribbon and a small turban.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson paid tribute to Sovereignty on Twitter, noting “70 years of sinless commitment.” His grandson William and his wife Kate were hailed as “inspiration to England, the Commonwealth and many in the world”.

The first months of his “Platinum Jubilee” will bring the much-anticipated four-day celebrations in early June, amid allegations of sexual abuse of his son Andrew – amid financial problems – that have recently come to the fore. Agreement with his accuser – and questions about the future of the monarchy and the Commonwealth.

Elizabeth II’s appearances have become very rare since she was admitted to a brief hospital in October, although she performs “light duties” at Windsor Castle, often by video conference.

However, on March 29, he attended a religious ceremony in Westminster Abbey in memory of Prince Philip. This is his first major public appearance in a few months.

She came into the arms of her son Andrew, leaning on a cane, and we saw her there, walking weakly and politely, slowly, and greeted many of the participants after the ceremony.

During interrogation in Windsor in mid-February, she showed her left leg and said she could not “move”.


According to British newspapers, he would personally use a wheelchair and a modified lift would have been installed in his Scottish home in Palmoral.

Adding to these issues, he caught the Govt-19 in February. “It makes you very tired and exhausted, isn’t it, this terrible epidemic” Sovereignty recently promised.

“She is in good condition,” her grandson Harry told NBC on Wednesday, however, after a surprise visit with his wife, Megan, last week. The couple, who have now immigrated to California, have not seen her for two years.

Since October, the Queen has largely handed over the crown to her son Charles, 73, who is the heir apparent. But he’s significantly less popular – 43% in favor of the Queen – 43% – according to an Ipsos poll in March, and his son Prince William, 39 (64%) and the latter’s wife, Kate (60%). 42% of Britons want Charles to resign in favor of William.

But William and Kate’s recent tour of the Caribbean to celebrate the monarchy’s merger with the former colonies during the Jubilee has sometimes led to tense conflicts, especially over the past of slavery in the United Kingdom. Difficulties ahead.

The Prime Minister of Jamaica, Andrew Holmes, considered it “inevitable” that the monarchy would transform his country into a republic.

Life of Queen Elizabeth II on 10 Important Dates

Here are the highlights of Elizabeth II celebrating her 96th birthday on Thursday.

April 21, 1926: Born in London.

December 12, 1936: The heir to the British crown after his father George VI unexpectedly ascended the throne.

November 20, 1947: Married to distant cousin Philip Mountbatten.

November 14, 1948: Birth of Charles. The couple will have three more children: Anne, Andrew and Edward.

February 6, 1952: Ascended the throne at the age of 25, due to the death of his father from lung cancer at the age of 56. His coronation took place on June 2, 1953 in Westminster Abbey.

1992: Triggers an “Annus Horroris”. His three children were separated from their spouses and Castle was devastated by the devastating fire.

August 31, 1997: Until the death of Princess Diana, it was criticized for being beyond popular sentiment, for the frightening nature of its reaction.

September 9, 2015: He broke the record of longevity on the British throne.

April 9, 2021: Death of her husband Prince Philip at the age of 99.

February 6, 2022: He is reaching the milestone of 70 years of rule, which will lead to four days of celebrations in a Platinum Jubilee June.

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