Death of Daniel Beretta, French voice of Arnold Schwarzenegger

A month after the death of Alain Dorval, another dubbing person has died: actor Daniel Beretta, the French voice of Arnold Schwarzenegger, died in Ajaccio at the age of 77 from Friday to Saturday night, his family announced in AFP.

“He died in his sleep,” said actress Barbara Peretta, who also specializes in dubbing.

“He is an Ajassian at heart,” his friend Christophe Mondoloni, the deputy mayor of Ajaccio, told AFP. “He's lived here for 50 years,” the elected official said.

The Audincourt (Doubs)-born actor, also a singer-songwriter, “was very invested on a cultural level, giving good advice to island actors,” said Mr. Mondoloni says.

He notably “produced the official anthem of the Ajaccio Festival in the 80s” and “was a member of the Board of Directors of the Paladinu Performance Hall from 2015 to 2020”.

Before lending his lovable, deep voice to Schwarzenegger, Daniel Beretta began his career in music in the 1960s as a duo with Richard de Bordeaux, before treading boards and film sets.

He played the title role of the rock opera Jesus Christ Superstar He collaborated with Nino Ferrer, who wrote it La Rua MadureraMireille Mathieu, Paul McCartney and Ennio Morricone.

It was only in the late 1980s that he began dubbing Arnold Schwarzenegger for films. Double relaxationThanks to an improvised audition over the phone, “He's got the job!” asked the star's voice, he told AFP in 1994.

Besides Terminator 2, true lie and voiced the character of Lumière in other films by former California governor Daniel Beretta. Beauty and danger From Disney to video game series dividing cell From Ubisoft and Japanese animated films Ghost in the Shell.

After the death of Alain Dorval, the French voice of Sylvester Stallone, and Patrick Boivy, who played the role of Bruce Willis in 2020, his death exposed many movie fans on social networks.

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