History is a good teacher, but she has poor students

Prime Minister Moraviki published an article in a popular magazine describing the situation regarding refugees and the war in Ukraine. The Polish prime minister stressed that the West could not repeat the mistake of the 1930s and give way to the aggressor.

“The war in Ukraine makes us realize that history is a good teacher, but it has poor students. It seems so Some politicians from Western Europe have forgotten their lessonwhich sailed from Munich in 1938. However, the similarities to this day are quite striking, Morawiecki wrote.

And the prime minister maintains that the West has given way to Putin since the 1990s – first over crimes in Chechnya, then turning a blind eye to more aggressive actions in Georgia or in Crimea.

He notes that “in Poland, for more than a decade, we have been wary of a policy of concessions to Putin’s renewed imperial aspirations, but we are faced with skepticism and even contempt.”

refugees from Poland

The Prime Minister also devoted a lot of space to the refugee issue in Poland. “Ukrainians who sought refuge in Poland after 2014 already make up at least 7%, perhaps even 10%, of our country’s population of 38 million. Photos of refugees around the world often show depressing images of people crammed into large makeshift camps. You can’t That he saw in Poland, although it takes less than two months We accepted about 2.8 million people“- Confirms.

Morawiecki emphasized that the entire country is helping Ukrainians – the government, local governments, NGOs and millions of ordinary people. “Maybe that is why EU officials who have given Turkey 6 billion euros ($6.5 billion) under the Refugee Assistance Agreement since 2016 do not feel the need to help Poland now. But every week this assistance becomes more and more important. Until now. We only get statements ”- confirms the head of the Polish government.

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