Denis Villeneuve |  "I'm very quiet"

(Los Angeles) Dunes Chosen 10 times, but, to everyone’s surprise, Denise Villanuev’s name did not appear in the Best Director category. The main interested party is preparing to live his fifth Oscar ceremony in complete silence, after a brief drag on the heart.

Released at 7:00 p.m.

Mark-Andre Lucier

Mark-Andre Lucier

According to Denis Villeneuve, the Oscar evening will take the look of the end of an adventure, which is really a way to move to the next level. With duties related to promotion Hill-1D. Area, Began production before the second part of the film adaptation of the novel by Quebec filmmaker Frank Herbert. If the last month of the awards season, which ends with the Oscars, was exciting, it was also very exciting.

“Since the beginning Dunes At the Venice Film Festival, I would say that promoting the film is a full-time job, “the filmmaker explained. Press, During a reception on Thursday at the official residence of the Embassy of Canada in Los Angeles. We toured Europe and the United States and did everything I could based on panels and question and answer sessions. Now I feel relaxed because I’m going to be quiet on the radio for a while after Oscar night. ⁇

Visionless end …

Denise Villeneuve, along with other filmmakers Jane Campion and Steven Spielberg, strongly condemned the academy’s decision to award eight of the 23 trophies an hour before the festival’s broadcast, and viewers presented a set of them on television. You can see part of the gratitude of these winners. Keep in mind that the three categories dedicated to short films, sound, editing, make-up and hairstyles, as well as the three categories of music, music and the art movement (run by Cubes Patrice Vermet) deserve their glorious moment. To live. Dunes Five of these eight categories were selected.

Photo by Warner Bros. Images

Denise Villenov and Timothy Salamet in the set DunesNominated in 10 categories at the Oscars

“After this announcement, there were a lot of discussions, calls, letters, petitions underlining Denise Villeneuve. There were a lot of personal conversations, and the academy management was very receptive. They should not come at the expense of the basic idea of ​​highlighting the artists working in the shadows.I think this is a big mistake, but now let’s see how the show will be.

And then Dunes ?

Getting ready to take the second part Dunes With release scheduled for October 20, 2023 in North America over the next few months, Denise Villeneuve is reluctant to say whether she wants to finish this second part or do anything else.

Photo by George Bimentel for the Canadian Embassy in Los Angeles

Denis Villeneuve wants to take advantage of this weekend’s dedication to the Oscars.

It is difficult for me to project myself into the future now. It takes two or three years to work on these films. They are huge monsters. The People of Legendary Pictures [la société de production] And Warner Bros. Watch everything for a long time, but I go to one movie at a time.

Denise Villanueva

“I can think of making a third part, but in between I can do another film. Maybe moving on to something else is good in my mind. ⁇

Meanwhile, Denise Villanuev wants to take advantage of this “relaxing” moment dedicated to the Oscars this weekend. Dunes There is no doubt that there will be some gold statues in more technical genres, which are rarely mentioned in the favorite films to win the Oscar for Best Picture.

“Actually, I feel relaxed and at ease,” the filmmaker says. I have no particular fear or anxiety regarding Sunday. I’m so quiet, because at the moment, there is nothing we can do. That’s Aloya Jakta!

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