Boris Budka: The rulers probably already have a son-in-law, brother, friend or cousin to build a wall

On Thursday, Sim passed a law on the construction of state border security – a barrier – on the Polish borders that form the external borders of the European Union (with Belarus, Russia and Ukraine). The investment will be a general objective; No separate provisions will apply to it, including the Building Code, the Water Code, or the Environmental Protection Act. The Public Procurement Law will not be applied to contracts related to the construction of the barrier, and procurement will be controlled by the Central Anti-Corruption Office. The estimated cost of construction of the planned barrier is 1615 million PLN,

– There will be no border security – commented on the result of the vote in an interview with journalists, the president of the KO club, Boris Podka.

First, the PiS wanted to declare a state of emergency. They got the condition, did nothing for a month, prolong the condition, and did nothing. Today they need a special measure to spend almost two billion zlotys with impunity. After all, they did the exact same thing in Covid. No respirators, they left masks, they welcomed Antonovs as in the People’s Republic of Poland. Today they need a law allowing them to spend Polish taxpayers’ money without any oversight, Podka said.

– One has to ask why they don’t want the usual procedure – under control, by tender, with the appropriate institutions. The answer is simple – maybe they already have those who will sell them these bricks, maybe they already have a brother-in-law, brother, friend, cousin or “uncle hello” of a PiS minister – he added.

In his opinion, PiS “these are the people who like to show off.” The president of the KO Club asked, “How many roads and highways have they built in six years? How many new investments have been commissioned? How many of those 100,000 apartments have been delivered? How many have delivered from a million electric cars?” ?”.

I will not judge if anyone falls into their hands. I know one thing, this government is not going to do anything constructively – he indicated when asked why the PSL voted for him.

The bill to build the wall submitted by the Ministry of Interior and Administration was urgently considered. On Tuesday evening, the Council of Ministers accepted it by passing and on the same day it was sent to the House of Representatives. The law passed by the House of Representatives on Thursday aims to enable the urgent construction of the dam in connection with the immigration pressure on the border with Belarus. 274 deputies voted in favor of the bill, 174 deputies opposed it and one abstained.

Budka was also asked about Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki’s speech on the European Union.

– Morawiecki and Kaczynski hurt that tens of thousands of Poles took to the streets on Sunday, saying: We will not allow political speech. The more Morawiecki repeats: there will be no politics, the more we need to make sure that Kaczyński’s plan with Orbán, Salvini and Le Pen to destroy the European Union is real – he said.

It is already the height of hypocrisy to say that Donald Tusk is responsible for Brexit. Let me remind you that Kaczynski’s party was one of the factions with the British Conservatives that took Great Britain out of the European Union – added Podka.

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