weather forecast.  The real weather collapse is coming.  The worst will be on New Year's Eve

According to forecasters from the Institute of Meteorology and Water Management (IMGW), the beginning of December and January will be very surprising. In Lower Silesia, thermometers may indicate up to 10°C, but in the center of the country, storms and strong winds of up to 75 km/h are possible. And all thanks to the Costa depression that dominates Europe.

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weather forecast. High temperatures and strong winds across the country

According to forecasters, the weather will be cloudy across Poland on December 30. Light rain showers will also fall, and in the north of the country and in the mountains there will be rain and snow. In the north, the maximum temperature will be 4 degrees Celsius, in the center 7 degrees Celsius, and in the southwest up to 9 degrees Celsius.

On the night of Saturday to Sunday (December 31), there will be more rain across Poland. – At first, mainly in the mountains and in the north of the country, intermittent rain and frost are possible. In turn, in the morning, especially in the south, fog forms, which limits visibility to about 300 meters, and there it may be slippery on roads and sidewalks in some places – warned Mikhail Kowalchuk of the Central Meteorological Office of the Institute of Meteorological Water Department, citing Virtual Poland. Heavy rain and sleet are also expected on New Year's Eve. The daytime temperature may exceed 10 degrees Celsius.

Weather conditions in the first days of the year. Rain and snow falling across Poland

in the first day The new year There will still be plenty of cloud cover. According to forecasters, light rain showers will fall in the Carpathians, where thermometers may indicate about 3 degrees Celsius, and winds in mountainous areas will be weak and moderate. The weather will be similar on January 2.

“Mostly clear on Tuesday, light rain possible over the west. Maximum temperature between 2°C to 7°C. Winds light and moderate, gusting to 55 km/h over the sea, southeast” – forecasters indicate EMW M.

There will also be heavy cloud cover on January 3, and snow is expected in the mountains. Temperatures in the country range from 4 degrees Celsius to 9 degrees Celsius. Winds will be very strong, reaching speeds of up to 60 km/h, to the west and southwest. On Thursday (January 4), there will be rain and sleet, but snow only in the mountains. We can't expect negative temperatures until next weekend.

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