Google Maps with a very important novelty.  Unfortunately not for us

In connection with the coming of summer, and therefore the season of wildfires, Google Maps is gaining a new functionality. It is an air quality indicator. Unfortunately, not everyone will benefit from it.

Air pollution is not a whim of environmentalists, but it is a fact, and it is potentially very harmful to health. Take for example items like lead or arseniccontained in particles, known for its toxic properties, and added to it for example sulfur dioxide. Nothing nice, I admit. Especially when it comes to wanting to spend your free time in the fresh air.

Google has a novelty for people who want a stress-free trip to nature. Namely, the company added to its maps Air Quality Index (AQI). Thus, when planning a picnic or picnic, you can check whether the conditions at a particular time and place are not harmful to your health.

We work closely with weather and air quality forecasting partners to provide useful and reliable information when you need it most. We hope these tools will help you, during your hikes and other outdoor adventures, to feel safe and have the information you need to enjoy the summer

– We read in the official Google Blog.

Technically, accessing the new option is very simple. Simply the appropriate data It appears among other information Places previously seen on the cards, for example those related to public transport. Moreover, you can also Login directly Phrase Air quality nearby in the search engine. Unfortunately, there is only a certain translation issue with this.

In the first view, the function uses only data US Environmental Protection Agency and PurpleAirLocal air monitoring service. As a result, it is only available in the USA. You can view the proper UI anywhere, but only for US sites. We don’t know when or if the job will ever reach Europe.

Image source: Shutterstock (@BigTunaOnline)

Text source: Google, editor. king

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