PZPN reaction to Lewandowski’s high-profile interview.  “we will meet”

Many were waiting with great curiosity for an interview with Robert Lewandowski, who was scheduled to appear on Eleven Sports and Matchyki.pl on Saturday. The player answered questions about the bonus scandal or those related to Miroslav Stasiak. He also talked about what, in his opinion, is the team’s biggest problem.

Continuation of the article under the video

“First, we didn’t ask for any rewards, second, we received an immoral offer, and third, we were left alone in this whole situation. Many myths have arisen in this story (…) After the World Championships, I got a phone call from President Colesza, who doesn’t He seemed to have known about it from the start – he said, among others Lewandowski, making it clear that he did not believe the words of the president, who confirmed in interviews that everything was happening behind his back.

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