La Liga President: We do not have an explanation from Barcelona

– Real Madrid’s announcement of Barcelona’s corruption? Real followed the path taken by La Liga. We will be the plaintiffs in the case brought by the Public Prosecutor’s Office and Real Madrid as well. This is their right.

Laporta’s behavior in this situation? We are all looking for an explanation of the situation, and what I read and see on his part worries me very much, because I see that it is getting more and more difficult and less clear. I don’t know if the position of president of Barcelona is the most appropriate. But he knows, and I can’t give him advice. I don’t remember a time when I had a reputational crisis: not just for Barcelona, ​​but for the whole of football. We must act and go to the end, and if they are guilty, then let them be held accountable. If there are no criminals, all the better.

“This is the worst moment in Spanish football that I can remember. This is the worst problem we could have. We have payments to the vice-president of the refereeing committee, which have been confirmed by Barcelona themselves. It’s not true. Nobody thinks it’s normal at all. It all creates understandable tension. Not only Barcelona’s reputation has been jeopardized, but our entire competition. I’m ashamed because we still don’t have a convincing explanation. We don’t have an explanation from Barcelona and it’s been a few days. They are playing the victim, which I don’t think is the best solution to this situation. If they were They see it clearly as the Barcelona president says, so let them explain it to us all. That’s what I expect, for better or for worse.

Mbappe to the Spanish League? It’s one thing if I see such a transfer, and quite another if I want it. I would like Mbappe to play in La Liga. However, the only team that can meet his financial expectations and cover his transfer fee here is Real Madrid. It is up to them to decide.

– VAR? We need to change what happens with VAR. After what we’ve seen this season… we need to analyze whether we’re picking the best people to lead it. We need to check the intervention criteria. We need standardization. He pisses off all the coaches and the teams and that can’t be the case. You have to think about it and look for solutions.

– Classic is the last chance for Real? As long as possible with points, the battle will continue. Real delivers high-level moments. He showed that in the Champions League and in La Liga it costs him more. However, this is an opportunity for them to jump a stone’s throw away.

– Renewed competition in the classic? Four days ago, Benzema won the Ballon d’Or. Lewandowski is having a good season. I would also like to highlight the great season of Gavi, Pedri and Vinicius. I always liked Vinicius and even when they criticized him I said he would be a great player. Now he is a completely different player than we thought of him before. At Barcelona, ​​I singled out Pedri and Javi because they are both excellent players. Vinicius is more electric.

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