December 9, 2022


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This is how Aguero reacted to Lewandowski's goal.  Repeat this nine times [WIDEO] football

This is how Aguero reacted to Lewandowski’s goal. Repeat this nine times [WIDEO] football

In the context of Sergio’s rich career aguero He was a cameo at FC Barcelona. After his contract with Manchester, joined the team from the Catalan capital. He played five matches in his colors and scored one goal. He last played on October 30, 2021 in the league with Deportivo Alaves. In the 41st minute he felt pain cage He was taken to the hospital. Later, he was diagnosed with an arrhythmia, which forced him to end his career.

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Robert Lewandowski begins to get nervous. Barcelona shivering

Aguero celebrates Lewandowski’s goal. one word punched

Currently, the Argentine often comments on current football events. On the occasion of the UEFA Champions League match, Wednesday, between Barcelona and Inter, hosted by transition Star+’s South American website, where he commented on what was happening on the pitch.

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After Aguero’s first reactions, it was clear that he was counting on the previous team’s victory in this match. However, the match turned out in such a way that until the end she had to shiver to get a point. In the end, thanks to Robert Lewandowski’s goal, I was able to reach the 3:3 state.

after the second Goal Polish striker Aguero repeated the word “vamos” nine times, which in Spanish also serves as a cheerleader for encouragement. In this way he showed his support for the previous team that was trying so hard to win. A video of Aguero’s reaction can be seen in . format this place. In the end, no more goals were scored and both teams had to settle for a draw. The Italians were more comfortable with this turn of events.

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The difficult situation for Barcelona in the Champions League. The upgrade has come a long way

For Barcelona, ​​a draw with Inter could prove very costly. After four Champions League matches, the Catalans have four points to their credit, and to advance to the knockout stage, they must not only win their remaining two matches, but also expect Inter to win either of their matches.