Putin has a new ally in Europe.  He’s ready to go

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Serbia will help with gas supplies from Russia

Although Europe is ready for a possible shutdown of the tap, the situation in Hungary is not so colorful. Hungary pumps gas from Gazprom through Ukraine, which does not want to extend the contract with Russia that expires at the end of 2024.

First, we will definitely not be party to negotiations with the Russians, and that is clear. And secondly, I think next year will be decisive in terms of Europe’s ability to do without Russian gas at all. Ukraine’s energy minister, Herman Gauchenko, said I see every reason why this happened.

According to the ria.ru portal, Serbia will come to the aid of Hungary. If transit through Ukraine stops, Serbia will increase gas supplies to its northern neighbor. confirmed it Peter Szijjartoie Minister of Foreign Affairs and Economic Relations of Hungary.

Most of the gas supplies from Russia to Hungary pass through Serbia. In recent days we have heard that Ukraine wants to end the previously concluded transit agreement with Russia. The Serbian President stressed today that if Hungary wants to increase the amount of gas that reaches Hungary through Serbia, Serbia can provide the necessary supply capacity for this, Peter Szijjarto said.

Ria.ru reports that, according to the minister, If the Ukrainian route is closed, the entire volume owed to Hungary may be sent via TurkStream, that is, a gas pipeline that runs from Russia through the Black Sea. As the Russian portal reports, in September 2021 Hungary and Gazprom signed a 15-year contract for gas supplies.

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