The Korean Peninsula.  North Korea wants to end military exercises

The situation on the Korean peninsula is caused by – as North Korea claims – “Reckless and relentless military actions by the United States and South Korea.”

Pyongyang in recent weeks Significant increase in missile tests and military activity, evidenced by the maneuvers of US and South Korean forces. Washington and Seoul suspect that North Korean leader Kim Jong Un will soon be commissioned to conduct a nuclear explosion test.

After many provocations by Pyongyang, the United States and South KoreaOn Monday, one of the greatest air exercises in their joint history began. The US Air Force Command said the operation, which will include nearly 240 combat aircraft, will continue through Friday.

The United States is South Korea’s most important ally, on its territory about 28.5 thousand. US forces to help protect the country from North Korea’s nuclear weapons. South Korean President Jeon Seok-gyeol, who took office in May, has signaled Seoul’s toughening stance on Pyongyang and the intensification of joint exercises with the United States.

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