Jersey Store is the star of the festival.  The actor impresses with his looks

Jersey Store recently suffered a recurrence of laryngeal cancer. As he said in an interview with Plejada, the doctors discovered the disease by accident – he had an appointment for esophageal surgery, but after tests, the doctors realized that the cancer had reappeared.

“The situation has become very complicated. I spent three weeks in the hospital, had an operation. Now I live for the moment. I feel good, although I am still weak, I can hardly walk” – he told us.

Jerzy Stuhr was also high in connection with a road crash in October 2022. Subsequent alcohol testing detected about 0.7 per mile of alcohol in the actor’s body. In a statement sent to Pelejada, Jerzy Stor confirmed that getting behind the wheel in such a situation was the worst decision of his life.

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