March 28, 2023


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Putin called for an "extraordinary" Security Council.  A meeting with Biden?  'Too early' |  world News

Putin called for an “extraordinary” Security Council. A meeting with Biden? ‘Too early’ | world News

RIA Novosti quoted Dmitry Peskov as saying that Vladimir put it in She plans to participate in several international phone calls on Monday. The Security Council will organize Monday, as decided by the Russian President. Peskov described the meeting as “big” and “exceptional”. You are supposed to take care of the situation throughout Ukraine.

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Biden-Putin summit? Kremlin spokesman: Too early

The Kremlin spokesman also referred to the proposed talks Russian President Vladimir Putin With Joe Biden. “It is premature to talk about any concrete plans to organize any kind of summit,” the spokesman said. He stated that so far there have been no “specific plans” to hold such a meeting.

Biden agreed to meet with Putin. However, he made one condition

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Emmanuel Macron suggested talks between Biden and Putin. The Elysee Palace previously stated that they had agreed on such talks the bosses.

“Presidents Biden and Putin have accepted the principle of such a summit,” the French president’s office wrote in a statement. The Elysee Palace indicated that the meeting would take place if Russia did not attack Ukraine. The statement was released last night after a series of phone calls that Emmanuel Macron had with the leaders of the United States, Russia, Ukraine and Great Britain, during which the French president was to propose mediation to avoid war in eastern Ukraine. The White House, in turn, expressed its willingness to hold talks with Putin on Ukraine.

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