PS6 and new Xbox – when will they premiere?  Microsoft mentions the debut of the next-gen console

Microsoft once again confirmed the possible premiere of the next-generation console, which could directly compete with Sony’s equipment. Sure enough, manufacturers are already preparing the devices and preparing for the premiere.

In the second half of June, during the court hearing for Microsoft and Activision Blizzard against the FTC, the topic of next-gen consoles came up. The manufacturer stated at the time that the new generation is scheduled to be launched in 2028.

Americans seem confident in this history because, according to the latest documents from the FTC case, Microsoft executives have confirmed that they expect the next generation Xbox in 2028.

According to the document, the 2028 launch plan was mentioned during a May 2022 meeting between dozens of top Microsoft executives, including CEO Satya Nadella, CFO Amy Hood, and gaming chief Phil Spencer.

During the conversation, Microsoft representatives confirmed that the new hardware will be on the market in 2028 and that it will be more “flexible” for developers, which will likely allow new games to be created more smoothly.

“Is the plan in 2028 to maintain this [nieczytelne] Model or force the Windows model to follow the flexibility/capabilities of that model?”

“We’ve already started this journey with Xbox One and Xbox One

“Going forward with 10G, we need to be more flexible, but at the same time ensure that creators can take advantage of the unique capabilities of the devices.”

It is worth noting that Microsoft expects direct competition with Sony in the 10th generation arena, so we can doubt the PS6 will debut in 2028 – if, of course, the manufacturers are able to realize their visions and deliver the hardware without any problems.

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