Another free game today! GOG is preparing a special offer

Not just epic games. GOG has another giveaway planned for players today. We should be able to pick up the game for free in no time.

Digital distribution stores for PC regularly release new games that anyone can get for free. The only requirement is that you have an account. The leader in this regard is the Epic Games Store, which offers one, and sometimes even two, products every week.

More text below the video.

Car onlyan insider whose entries are almost always accurate, has just announced another offer prepared by Polish GOG.

Starting at 3pm ET, players will be able to download The First Templar – Special Edition for free.

In The First Templar, you will learn the story of two main characters: a French knight and his companion, a noblewoman who has been declared a heretic. By controlling these unlikely partners, the player must uncover the secrets behind the Templar order, play his part in the grand conspiracy and discover the secret of the Holy Grail. At each step, the heroes face powerful opponents, such as the Saracens, King Philip IV of France or the Inquisitors.

This is a game from 2011, so in this case we are dealing with a relatively old title. This does not change the fact that it is worth paying attention to the presentation. The First Templar – Special Edition will be available for 3 days (until July 6).


The game is now available for download on the official GOG website – Link here

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