PS5 will receive a "robust" remake.  During the WLR FM broadcast, it was revealed that the game will be revealed on Christmas

We’ve seen many leaks or surprise disclosures before the official announcements in recent years, but we rarely hear about a new PlayStation game from… Irish Radio. During the WLR FM broadcast, there was a conversation about the work of a local artist – the artist used to develop music for PlayStation productions:

Question: Let’s go back to the PlayStation game, what is it about?

Answer: This actually happened about a year and a half ago, right after the pandemic, Michael McGlynn called us and wrote a remake of music for the PlayStation game, writing a lot of lyrics for various games that were very popular. He said “Listen, that’s Irish and that’s what they’re looking for” So what I was really involved with was writing the lyrics in Irish, his daughter sang in the song and his wife arranged some of the chorus, Michael also worked with me on the linguistic side of the lyrics…I couldn’t figure out for a while Long… You don’t know what you’re writing to, because it’s not fully announced, because they don’t want to come out, in fact, the name of the game will be announced on Christmas Day. I heard about it now and confirmed that it is a great and great game! There will be an Irishman in the game, which is great.”

Most likely, we should not wait for the presentation exactly during the holidays, but according to the industry schedule, the Game Awards will take place in the indicated period and it is also likely that we will see the next version of the PlayStation experience. We’ve already reported rumors that Sony will be organizing an event, and we’ll see during the event A long-rumored game.

You will hear an excerpt from the interview in which the PlayStation show was mentioned Here – The discussion on “The Lunchbox” took place on October 7 (12:00 – 13:00, go to 36:40).

Of course, we’ll have to wait for official news from Sony, but when analyzing the Irish culture topic mentioned above, speculation arose that the team and artist worked on a remake of Getaway (a title that debuts on PS2, which takes place on the streets of London), or folklore, which was held for the first time. Once on PS3. Remember, however, that these are just assumptions.

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