Microsoft ends support for Internet Explorer

Tech giant Microsoft has stopped providing technical support for Internet Explorer since Wednesday. Its first version appeared in 1995.

Internet Explorer was released in 1995. Until about 2012, Microsoft’s product was the world leader among available web browsers. It was bundled with Microsoft Windows operating system pre-installed on billions of computers. Currently, the eleventh version of the program is available.

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Other surfers

IE’s dominant position in the browser market has been a topic United States of America Antitrust case against Microsoft. The court ruled that the company had broken the law and abused its position.

By the end of the 2000s, IE’s popularity had begun to wane. Google Chrome began to be the most used, and IE, due to its sometimes not the fastest performance against competitors, was the subject of many jokes circulating on the Internet – Reuters reported.

In response, Microsoft released a new browser in 2015 – Edge. “The future of Microsoft Explorer is Microsoft Edge,” the company confirmed in the announcement a year ago announcing the departure of IE.

Goodbye, netizens

Many Internet users said goodbye to the famous browser and did not lack a sense of humor.

Shubhangi Sharma writes: “After 27 years, Microsoft has finally shut down Internet Explorer. Thank you for helping us download other web browsers.”

Can Internet Explorer Really Die? Tom Warren was asking.

“After 27 years, programmers around the world can breathe a sigh of relief because Internet Explorer has finally retired. It’s the end of an era,” Daryl Jane said.

The problem is in the Far East

The Washington Post asserts that this change will have real repercussions in some countries, especially Asia, which still rely heavily on Internet Explorer for administrative matters.

in Japan Companies had previously warned that the change could be a nuisance for “months”. One Tokyo-based developer said he was inundated with requests for help from government agencies and financial institutions. The Japan Times reported in March votewhich showed that as many as 49 percent of the 350 companies surveyed said they still use Internet Explorer.

The Wahington Post, citing local media, reported that there are also South Korea Concerns have been raised in some government agencies that use the browser, including, for example, the ministry responsible for infrastructure and transportation.

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