A sensation in the Polish league.  ZAKSA is in decline, replacing Śliwka and Kaczmarek

Zaksa has achieved historic success in recent years, but this season it faced major problems in terms of injuries. Once she deals with them, she cannot regain optimal form. After the defeat against Shlipsk It is one point behind Indykpol AZS Olsztyn, eighth in the tableThe two teams will play their match in round 28 on Saturday only.

The team arrived from Suwałki to southern Poland very weak. It is true that the team was missing only one player, but a very important player was the striker Matiasa Sancheza. The Argentine suffered an elbow injury. Instead of Sanchez, a player who rarely plays was given a chance Maxim Pokolevich. But Olympsk had to chase its rivals from the beginning. Grupa Azoty ZAKSA quickly took a 6:3 lead when they scored a smash Dmytro Baszicki. As time went on, the lead rose to four points, much of it thanks to the home team.

The guests cut their losses for a while, but Zaksa soon won again – 18:13. He scored points regularly Lukas Kaczmarekany With one of his attacks, he hit the ball in Bukolevich's face. The defeated midfielder collapsed on the field. However, the Polish delegate immediately approached his competitor and hugged him apologetically. When Paszycki stopped at the net Jacob Massera, Kędzierzyn's team was ahead at 22:15. They finished with a score of 25-16 and five points.

ZAKSA Kędzierzyn-Koźle takes the lead. Aleksander Śliwka and Łukasz Kaczmarek were replaced

But in the second set of Friday's match, the visitors were ahead from the start. However, Kędzierzyn's team quickly shook off the losses and took the lead 9:6 when Kaczmarek made a good diagonal attack. When the difference rose to four points, coach Shlepska Dominic Kwabesiewicz I decided to stop playing. After that, the volleyball players from Suwałki gained the wind in their sails, After Kaczmarek's throw-in, the score was 13:13.

The even battle continued until the end of the set. when Bartosz Filipiak After finishing the counterattack, ZAKSA lost 21:22. The coach's break didn't help Adam Swatzina – The hosts Unexpectedly, they lost the next three matches and the set.

The problem for Kędzierzyn's team was the effectiveness of its wings. Kaczmarek lost it, losing six balls in the first two sets. Śliwka only three and did not leave for the third set, he was replaced Daniel Chitegui. When the score was 6-3 in favor of Shlepsk, Swachin also changed striker and appeared on the field. Bartlomage Kluth. A rearrangement of six ZAKS players quickly resulted in a draw. After you are smart in the network David Smitha In the end she was leading 15:14.

But after a while the situation changed. The Suwałki volleyball players even stopped Bartosz Bednorz with a block, ZAKSA was already three points behind its competitors. True, when the receiver served, the favorite led to the score 21:22, but then he scored an ace Paul Halba Ślepsk won the next match.

ZAKSA defeated Kędzierzyn-Koźle. The situation is getting more difficult

He lost two sets It already means a point for Suwałki's team. Meanwhile, climbing to twelfth place in the table and moving away from the relegation zone, although survival is not yet guaranteed. However, ZAKSA started the fourth game better, leading 7:4. The rest of the players were substitutes on the wings. But the guests cut their losses over time. when Zija Stern Chitegoya stunned with serve, and ZAKSA won in just 16:15.

After Kluth's mistake, the scoreboard showed a tie at 17:17. Since then, the fighting has continued point by point. It was broken by Stern who again won a point on serve. Filipiak finished the match and Lipsk won with a score of 25:23. Winning three points is actually a guarantee of survival. ZAKSA is further and further away from the qualifying zone. The last two matches will be against Aluron CMC Warta Zawiercie and Jastrzębski Węgiel.

Groupa Azoti Zaxa: Kaczmarek, Paszicki, Sliwka, Janusz, Smith, Bednorz – Shoji (libero), Kluth, Stepien, Szczytegoi, Szymanski

Shlyapsk-Malu: Filipiak, Masira, Halaba, Bukolejevic, Steyer, Stern-Cenkevic (libero) and Filipović.

Volleyball players from Grupa Azoty ZAKS Kędzierzyn-Koźle/Michel Klaj / Reporter/East News

Zaksa Kedzerzyn-Kol – Erik Shoje and Bartosz Bednorz/CEV/Press materials

Lukasz Kaczmarek, ZAKS striker/France Press agency

Project Warsaw – Groupa Azote ZAKSA Kędzierzyn-Koźle. The most prominent features of the game. video/Pulsat Sport/Pulsat Sport

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