Any computer up to 5000 PLN?  Check out our offer for the month of April 2023

With PLN 5,000 to spend on a gaming PC, we already have a lot to choose from. In practice, this combination will guarantee us uncompromising gameplay in FHD even with a 240 Hz screen in e-sports games or at the highest detail in larger titles. It will also handle 1440p very well.

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The price cuts for AMD Ryzen processors from November 2022 are still valid, and the competition still can’t fight, so the recommended computer for PLN 5000 is again the same processor. Card prices have leveled off a bit, but disks and memory are much cheaper. Basically, the whole set turned out to be as fresh as the previous month and we made only some qualitative changes – if you are interested in what exactly, we invite you to get acquainted with the sixth proposal of the list of recommended PC sets – a PC of just over 5000. zlotys.

Recommended computer for PLN 5,000 in April 2023

Total PLN 5,038,05,000

The component price difference between the above offer and the previous listing is due to usage Configurator designation on the website – With this tool, the prices of many components are lower than when you buy them yourself. All computers that we suggest come from this component.

Other than a computer up to PLN 5000, computers are recommended in the popular price ranges:

What is worth knowing about the recommended PC for PLN 5000?

Don’t overpay for a processor with the same performance

The amount of PLN 5000 allows in practice a little more flexibility when choosing ingredients. We can turn here to the more expensive Intel Core i5-12400F, which also requires a more expensive motherboard, but for now it will not imply a huge difference in performance compared to the Ryzen 5600, which was also chosen a month ago – the same number of cores and threads It has slightly worse performance than a single core, which you can basically compensate for with the unlocked multiplier on AMD processors. The Intel Core i5-13400F should have changed the situation here, but at the price of PLN 1100 there is nothing to look for in our listings.

AMD Ryzen 5 5600 Endorphs Vera 5 ARGBAfter the premiere of the new generation of AMD Ryzen 7000 processors, the previous series has dropped its price tag very well – to this day it is the most profitable option.

The only thing that has changed this month is the choice of the processor in the variant without factory cooling – instead we added a more efficient and nicer Fera 5 ARGB cooler. The motherboard we have chosen this time is the Gigabyte B550M DS3H – a model that has the same functionality, but is less visually attractive than the Gigabyte B550M Aorus Elite recommended in previous ratings. It provides a decent set of connectors (including 4 USB 3.2 10Gbps) and the ability to expand RAM and disk space (also by adding another M.2 disk).

Gigabyte B550M DS3HCooling the power section will allow for more stable operation under full load.

Crazy prices for Radeons – a high-class card in a group for PLN 5,000?

Another problem is the choice of graphics card. Not so long ago we were glad that instead of the RTX 3060 Ti the RTX 3070 was included in the kit for PLN 5,000, but this month the prices surprised us even more! Admittedly, not the prices of the NVIDIA cards (they are getting more expensive…), but the prices of the Radeons – specifically the RX 6800 and RX 6800 XT (which we recommend for the PLN 6000 range). These are almost the top cards from the previous generation, and in both cases they come with 16GB of graphics memory, support for ray tracing, and also match well with an AMD processor (thanks to SAM technology).

Sapphire Radeon RX 6800 Pulse Gaming OC 16GB GDDR6The RX 6800 is indeed a part where cooling plays an important role — it’s well worth paying the extra for a slightly better model, like the Sapphire Pulse.

In this case, the AMD Radeon RX 6800 will allow us to play carelessly at a resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels, even in the latest games that can already choke competing cards due to the need for more than the usual 8-10 GB vRAM. Recently, AMD cards have also been offering a more comprehensive control panel, which even allows for automatic and safe overclocking of the card (taking into account cooling efficiency). These drivers also allow you to record gameplay and enable RSR, a Radeon-only feature that works in a similar way to DLSS/FSR, but can be used in any game, even one that doesn’t support these technologies.

Sapphire Radeon RX 6800 Pulse Gaming OC 16GB GDDR6 backplateThe back panel protects the card, but in this case it also doesn’t block airflow through the card’s cooling system.

RAM and SSD are in a reasonable range

Admittedly, an SSD isn’t critically important to a gamer, but remember that a gamer is also a human and uses the computer outside of gaming, so choosing a cheaper SSD isn’t a good option. The tweak from our offer uses a new controller that allows you to use RAM, which significantly speeds up the processes performed by the system (and games). It also uses TLC chips, which means less speed drop when full than cheaper options with QLC memory. The only thing that can be changed here is its capacity, but this is a matter of individual preferences. Again, we have 1 TB – this is enough for the system, applications (including updates), and a dozen or even large games.

Lexar NM620 512 GB

16 GB adata [2x8GB 3200MHz DDR4 CL16 DIMM]There is no RGB, but there is a solid heatsink 🙂

On the other hand, we found that 16 GB of RAM is definitely not enough (after all, the graphics card included in this kit has the same amount!), so this time we focused on 32 GB, which will allow you to use the computer for gaming and streaming without stress, And above all, it will satisfy your appetite for new games (like The Last of US or Hogwarts Legacy). Granted, Ryzen wouldn’t ignore a slightly faster clock speed, but it’s not critical. However, if you have a slightly higher amount at your disposal, then it’s worth paying extra for it (for example, for RAM with a clock speed of 3600 MHz).

Well-ventilated housing with such performance is essential, as is a robust power supply

Already in the recommended PC for PLN 4,000, we drew your attention to the need to ensure good air circulation in the housing, so once again the choice of the residential Genesis IRID 353 ARGB should not be surprising. Since we are still in the mATX format, it will still be the perfect choice, especially in terms of price. It’s also a surprisingly capacious housing in terms of the graphics card and even a model as large as this exact Radeon RX 6800 will fit here without the slightest problem and airflow obstruction. Three 120mm fans pre-installed in this case ensure excellent air circulation, while beautifully illuminating the entire case.

Genesis IRID 353 ARGB Genesis IRID 353 ARGB - ConnectorsThe choice of accommodation is largely a matter of taste, but good air circulation must be considered in this part.

The last, but not the least important element, the power supply, was also chosen taking into account the compact size of the entire set, which is why it is a model with modular cables. This means that unused cables from the drive discs and redundant cables to power the graphics card can be left in the cardboard box, rather than making it difficult to keep the case tidy (and allow airflow). Its 600W power will perfectly satisfy all the components, although in this case it is unlikely to replace the card with a top-end model in the future (only the equivalent of the 250W RTX 3070 of new generations).

Thermaltake Smart BM1700 WattThe new Thermaltake power supplies offer a very good price-performance ratio.

What gaming performance should you expect from such a set?

Our first-view card testing allows us to estimate the sheer performance of the RX 6800 proposed here. However, it’s also worth looking into the YT platform for tests with a similar configuration (to the one recommended here) – sometimes a game can be more CPU or GPU dependent, and our tests comparing components under sterile conditions won’t fully reflect actual speed. . Below we offer a comparison of the performance of this month’s proposed RX 6800 in relation to the previously recommended RTX 3070 in this budget:

RX 6800 vs RTX 3070 comparison (Ryzen 7 5800X in 20 games) – Resolution 2560×1440 pixels

Start the video

The video comes from the FPS Computers YouTube channel.

As you can see, in games that do not use ray tracing, Radeon offers significantly better performance (sometimes up to 30%!). Activating Ray Tracing brings both cards closer together and only in games that offer the full range of these features (eg Cyberpunk 2077) does our recommended Radeon begin to lose to the RTX 3070. And we will write unreservedly that it may again be better Computer (for gaming PCs) up to PLN 5000 🙂

Will this gaming PC for PLN 5000 handle something more than games?

naturally! The presence of the previous generation 12-thread Ryzen 5 makes this kit an incredibly versatile design, and therefore also highly performant in applications other than gaming. A graphics card with 16 GB of memory will be great for large projects, and the generally recommended set of PLN 5000 will cope with almost any task, even in the hands of a professional. However, if you’re planning to buy a PC primarily to work on, we’d recommend sticking with the slower RTX 3070 for gaming—mainly because of its better support in most professional applications.

Computers also need a system, and sometimes Wi-Fi, too

A computer is one thing, but depending on the situation other products may also be needed, such as a monitor, keyboard, mouse and other peripherals – of course you will also find them in the store However, what may be particularly important, and what we often forget when assembling a PC, is:

Windows 11 Home operating system WU1400 wondersWindows 10 currently stands for itself only at the price – “eleven” because it gets along better with newer equipment.

That’s right – without a system, both your gaming PC and your work PC won’t be of much use. Let’s also remember that Windows 10 can be upgraded to Windows 11 for free (the process is completely automatic). In addition, store staff can also be asked to add assembly service – Then we will receive the computer ready to go (including the installed system, if we also add it to the cart). With such a service, you can also choose a cheaper version of the system (with OEM note instead of BOX) – the assembly department will take care of the installation of the system delivered on DVD.

Is there something missing from the above article?

Since we value the opinion of our users, we await your opinions – will this unit meet your expectations? Are these articles helpful to you? Or maybe you found a more interesting selection (of recommended computers) in other stores? Remember, the entire list is updated every month!

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